Replacement Hardware

Key Replacement With Advanced Equipment

A common myth of key control is that simply stamping “do not duplicate” on the head of a key will prohibit someone from having the key reproduced. There is nothing preventing anyone from making the duplicate key. There are no laws governing the stamping of “do not duplicate” on a standard key or preventing the duplication of these keys. So, do not be fooled or be foolish with your security. If key duplication truly needs to be controlled, a patented product is required.

If you are looking for true key control, A-A Lock & Alarm offers several choices to meet your needs.

Schlage Primus Level 2 and Schlage Everest Primus Level 8 are purchased directly from Schlage, enabling us to offer the highest level of key control and convenience available. Since we are a factory-direct retail/commercial dealer, no one has access to our blanks. This enables us to assure you that no one can get a duplicate key made without authorization.

Our signature controlled authorization process is handled in the same manner that your bank handles your bank account. There are no exceptions. Positive identification and signature matching are performed for every duplicate key produced. Inventory is meticulously maintained utilizing a triple-checked system that accounts for every key blank we receive from the factory. Only those employees who have been trained, tested and certified are authorized to handle Primus keys.

You might also want to consider purchasing a keyless entry system that uses WiFi or Bluetooth technology and/or a touchpad for access.

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Bump Key

Although our home security systems and locks are meant to keep intruders out of our homes, determined intruders can often find a way around them. One of the tricks they use is called lock bumping. Lock bumping is a widely known industry problem, and we have enlisted the top home security brands to help prevent lock bumping from occurring.

Lock bumping refers to the act of creating specially cut keys, also known as “bump keys,” to break into a home or business.  Bump keys can defeat tumbler door locks and conventional pin locks as well. Those performing the key bumping will then use the bump key, otherwise known as a “999 key,” with another object to force the lock open.

Kwikset offers the high-security ANSI Grade 1 980 Deadbolt which features SmartKey™ technology and BumpGuard™. The Kwikset SmartKey™ and BumpGuard™ technology give you the ability to re-key your lock in less than 30 seconds while still giving you superior key bumping security. Rather than replacing the entire lock to prevent a break-in, all you need to do is replace the key – saving you time, worry and money.

A high-level key control system should contain the following attributes

1. A patented key blank design. This protects against the manufacturing and distribution of the uncut key.

2. A patented operating function of the lock cylinder. This further protects against any key that can be modified to operate the cylinder.

3. A solid contractual agreement between the manufacturer and the dealer/locksmith. The dealer sets the standards and enforces the process of authorization for duplication and secured handling of the uncut key blanks.

4. Training and certification of the dealers/locksmiths who are entrusted with handling, authorizing, duplicating, and dispensing duplicate keys.