Keyless Entry

Protect Your Business with Keyless Entry


Are you interested in a keyless entry system for your business? A lot of businesses are making the switch to keyless entry, and you can, too! Here at AA Lock & Alarm Inc, we have installed countless keyless entry systems throughout San Jose, Menlo Park, Mountain View, and Palo Alto, CA.

A keyless entry system allows you and your employees access to your office without having to use a key or even press a button. This efficient system will help you ditch your old locks. This new technology is simple and easy to use in your business. Let us help you learn more about why a keyless entry system is right for your business. Call us today!

Benefits of Keyless Entry


There are many benefits to commercial keyless entry systems. Convenience is one of the most notable benefits. Another benefit is no longer needing a mechanical key. A password protects you from losing a key or having it stolen. Commercial keyless entry systems also have refined styles that can blend in nicely with your business's colors. Keyless entry systems offer advanced security for you and your business. They often come with features like anti-tamper lockouts, adjustable code length, and ability to quickly delete user codes.  Contact our team to learn more about our keyless entry systems. We are proud to offer our services to the San Jose & Menlo Park, CA areas.