Commercial Security Alarm System

Feel Safer with a Commercial Burglar Alarm System


There are many ways you can keep your commercial property safe, but one of the most effective is a burglar alarm. With today’s advanced technology, there are many different kinds of commercial burglar alarm systems to choose from. Some alert you and the intruder(s) with a loud noise, and some are “silent” alarms that quietly call for help.

At A-A Lock & Alarm, we specialize in commercial burglar alarm installation for businesses all over San Jose, Menlo Park, Mountain View and Palo Alto. No matter what type of burglar alarm is right for your business, rest assured that we will make sure it’s installed properly and working well!

Whether you want to scare off intruders before anyone gets hurt or alert the local authorities so that they can catch the burglar in action, call A-A Lock & Alarm to learn about our many different types of commercial alarm systems that we can install for you. We make sure we offer the best of the best to give you and your employees peace of mind, especially after hours.

Get in touch with us to have your new commercial burglar alarm system installed. We’ll take care of all the installation work and show you how your burglar alarm system works. Call us today to get started!